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What we do

For over 30 years, the Trade Union Eurocontrol Maastricht (TUEM) has been representing and defending the interest of its members: the active and retired Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Admin- and Support staff of the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Center (MUAC).

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Working standards are safety standards.

Our members are working the upper airspace (above 24,500 feet) over the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and north-west Germany. With nearly two million flights in 2019, they are covering one of the busiest and most complex airspaces in the world.

The staff at Maastricht UAC maintains the highest standards in safety, expedition and cost-efficiency. In the interest of the public and the airlines, TUEM works hard to uphold and improve these standards.
Through a constructive dialogue with our management and stakeholders, we aim to strike a balance between the demands of an ever-growing industry and the essential protection of our members’ rights and working conditions.


What is Air Traffic Control?

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a critical and highly complex safety infrastructure: It is about preventing collisions, organising and expediting the flow of all civil and military air traffic in a defined air space. 

The key rule is “five miles, one thousand feet”. That means: All aircraft must maintain a distance of five miles horizontally and one thousand feet vertically at all times. This is controlled and ensured 24/7 by a complex system of highly trained Air Traffic Controllers, who communicate with the pilots from the operations room, radar communications and powerful IT-based ATC systems. To ensure reliable operation under all circumstances, the system has multiple built in redundancies – in terms of technical infrastructure as well as personnel planning. 

Air Traffic Control as most important part of Air Traffic Management is also teamwork: Air Traffic Controllers, Flow Management, highly qualified engineers and IT-experts who develop, program and maintain our highly complex ATC-systems as well as numerous administrative and support staff – they all play a vital part for MUAC as an operation to do its job. 

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Center (MUAC)

Our controlled airspace lies in the vicinity of major European airports such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, London and Paris. As such, it is one of the busiest Area Control Centers in the world. Nearly one in five European flights use MUAC’s airspace. Its customers include all major airlines, private aircraft and the military (over the Netherlands and Germany). In addition, MUAC develops and implements infrastructure and technology solutions for Air Traffic Management.

Our Team

Executive Board

TUEM President Stefan Pille TUEM Callsign Stefan Pille
Stefan Pille President
TUEM Vice president Daniel Dreher TUEM Callsign Daniel Dreher
Daniel Dreher Vice President
TUEM Vice President Volker Dick TUEM Callsign Volker Dick
Volker Dick Vice President
TUEM Treasurer Tobias Richter TUEM Callsign Tobias Richter
Tobias Richter Treasurer
TUEM Member Stijn Mertens TUEM Callsign Stijn Mertens
Stijn Mertens Member
TUEM Secretary & Office Manager Sara Mollica TUEM Callsign Sara Mollica
Sara Mollica Secretary & Office Manager
TUEM Member Frederick de Cock TUEM Callsign Frederick De Cock
Frederick De Cock Member
TUEM Member Philip Marien TUEM Callsign Philip Marien
Philip Marien Member
TUEM Member Vincent Poty TUEM Callsign Vincent Poty
Vincent Poty Member
TUEM Member Michael Buchmann TUEM Callsign Michael Buchmann
Michael Buchmann Member
TUEM Member Enrique Zubiaga TUEM Callsign Enrique Zubiaga
Enrique Zubiaga Member
TUEM Member Lars Piepers TUEM Callsign Lars Piepers
Lars Piepers Member
TUEM Member Luke Wijnholds TUEM Callsign Luke Wijnholds
Luke Wijnholds Member
TUEM Member Ben Finlay TUEM Callsign Ben Finlay
Ben Finlay Member

Become a member.

As TUEM we believe that a strong Union needs its members as much as the members need their Union. We believe in solidarity and pro­fess­ion­alism. United we are able to safely control nearly 1.9 million flights a year in one of the most dense and complex airspaces in the world. United we are able to protect our working conditions while at the same time make sure that MUAC is able to provide top level services to its customers. Now and in the future.

If you are active staff working at MUAC, you can join TUEM now.
Support us and we will support you!

Your membership contribution is determined by your EUROCONTROL grade. The contribution is quarterly:

O1-O3 & AST1-AST6: €40/quarter
AST7 and above, O4 and above, AD-grades: €65/quarter

During the first 5 years of your membership, you also need to contribute to the strike fund (€100/year, collected in June). This contribution is refundable when you retire from EUROCONTROL. It is not refundable when you leave the TUEM prior to your retirement for any reason.

By becoming a member, you agree to the TUEM Statutes. 


Frequently asked questions

What’s cooking in aviation and in the MUAC area in particular?
What’s the potential impact on our members and what is TUEM’s position?

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